Why Rural

Our goal and value is to bring a service which will enable seniors to stay in an environment that is familiar to them. This gives individuals the RIGHT to live in a rural/ agriculture setting as opposed to compound busy urban setting. It enables them to continue on with their rural way of life.

In regard to Cognitive impairment an integrated society where people with dementia live in the “normal” home like situations though out their lives with support to continue to engage in everyday communities and activities. What is important is their “normal”. They can continue to live in a fair society that will enable them to participate in all aspects of social, cultural, economic and political life.

“As of 2006, Ontario’s oldest community is Perth with 28 percent of its residents aged 65 and over.” (Stats Canada) Seniors living alone can create loniless, failure to thrive and predisposing conditions. Three quarters of these seniors are going to be women. This community is going to allow then the connectedness and the freedom to give back. By creating this we will alleviate the issues of loniness, failure to thrive and create quality of life.